About this project

This website presents digital companion works to the book Agitating Images: Photography Agasint History in Indigenous Siberia (2014, University of Minnesota Press).

Agitating Images takes advantage of the possibilities afforded by digital media to exhibit a variety of interactive features in a hybrid intermedia document. The website is built on html, css, and some javascript code. This code works in the background to ensure the media rich document can be read across a variety of operating systems and browsers. See the technical note below for further details on this.

The videos, images, and archival interventions presented here have all been carefully crafted to interact with my central thesis on the friction between photographic documents and historiography. With the exception of the archival images, all the footage, animation, editing, coding, printmaking, and design are mine, unless otherwise stated.

Craig Campbell


Technical notes:

Requirements: This website is media-rich and is best experienced on a computer with a broadband connection. Different operating systems and different hardware will sometimes deliver different results.

Some video elements on this website may load slowly, depending on the speed of your internet connection. Please contact me if you have any questions or problems with this.

Some images have pop-up annotations. You can see these by scrolling your cursor over the image. The section "Degenerate archives" has a special image randomzier at the bottom. The section explains the idea behind this in further detail. The technology for it, though, is a modified javascript randomizer code hidden behind an iframe, pointing to another webpage. You can refresh the content by clicking on a button.

image source: kkkm_078-001