Campbell, Craig et. Al (2005) Mihkwâkamiwi sîpîsis : stories and pictures from Metis elders in Fort McKay. Solstice Series no. 3. Edmonton, Alberta: CCI press.


A collection of words and pictures from Metis elders in northern Alberta who grew up on the land and watched as the first school was built, roads were plowed, and the Tar Sands industry grew from an experimental factory in the woods to one of the world's largest industrial oil projects. Over the years, the Metis elders have told their own histories to their children and grandchildren. Some of these are now presented in this volume, so that their words can sit alongside other books that document the history of the Athabasca basin.

ISBN-13 978-1-896445-31-1
ISBN-10 1-896445-31-4 (2005) sc;


Solstice Series
series editors: Mike Evan & Christopher Fletcher

Community-based and -oriented initiatives and participatory approaches are among the most important areas of work in the contemporary academy. Despite the evolution of the research model, the form in which results are presented to communities has not received the same critical attention. The consequence is that the development of effective dissemination tools has lagged behind the research process. Funding agencies have increasingly called for wider broadcasts of research results, but again professional audiences have been the main targets. Those publications intended for consumption by wider audeinces tend to be ad hoc, with limited circulation and sometimes brief availability even within the communities for whom they are developed.

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