February 4, 2014

Sorry to have missed class on Tuesday for the big ‘snow day’ in Austin.  We’ll have a bit of catching up to do.  Here’s what I’d like you to focus on:

  • Please write a short (no longer than 5-page) summary of your original research project.  This is something you need to share with the rest of the class so we can start to understand your project and be ready to contribute in the workshops.  If you email this to me by next class I’ll print enough copies to share with everyone.

February 4

  • Present plans for your final project (first presentation)
  • Discuss: Taylor1996, Buchler2004, Grimshaw2005
  • Workshop Obstruction #1

February 11

  • Present plans for your final project
  • Hand in a skills plan for final project
  • Workshop Obstruction #1

Borderline Ethnography

Artist and Anthropologist Fiamma Montezemolo.  Fiamma will discuss her work as an ethnographer and as an artist working on the US-Mexico border.  On Sunday, February 16th, she will present her award winning experimental video Traces (along with two other works by Sergio de la Torre). On Monday, February 17th, Fiamma will deliver a lecture in the Department of Anthropology at UT Austin.

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Upcoming for April 1

  • Discuss readings
  • Present Obstruction #2
  • I will introduce Obstruction #3 and we’ll work on it with the time we have.

Readings for April 8.

  • Pinney, Christopher. 2001. “Piercing the Skin of the Idol.” In Beyond Aesthetics: Art and the Technologies of Enchantment, edited by Christopher Pinney and Nicholas Thomas, 157–179. Oxford: Berg.
  • Taylor, Lucien. 1996. “Iconophobia.” Transition (69): 64–88.
  • Taylor, Lucien. 1998. “‘Visual Anthropology Is Dead, Long Live Visual Anthropology!’” American Anthropologist 100 (2): 534–237.
  • Zipped File of Readings


Other instructions.

  • Continue to work with your production journals.  You should have at least two artists/influences that you’ve documented in your journals at this point (and be ready to talk about them when we have time).  By the end of semester, I’d like you to have three artist/influences in the production journal.
  • Develop your obstructions and your final project at a good rate.  Don’t short-change yourself with time.  This work can be more abstract and strange than typical academic work so you need to give yourself time for editing, fixing, etc. You really should be finished a strong draft of your final project a couple weeks before the end of semester.