Workshop with visiting fellow, Samuel Cepeda.

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Research and Remediation techniques in the critical study of media.

The research of contemporary culture frequently implies paying attention to the symbolic production in different media, as well as the material and semantic consequences of its remediation. The researcher, in order to understand the symbolic production within a group or culture, needs to deeply comprehend it as a creator too. In this workshop, through the practice of various remediation techniques we’ll approach a way of theorizing while producing.

Date: Friday, May 8th. 2015. noon – 2pm
Location: Intermedia Workshop (SAC 4.120)

Free and open to all

Samuel Cepeda was born in Nuevo León, México. He’s a media artist and has been doing research and teaching since 2000 in private and public universities in México. He is currently a full time artist and researcher working on his dissertation at Tecnológico de Monterrey in the PhD program of humanities studies in science and technology.


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