Curator and organizer with Ethnographic Terminalia exhibitions in Chicago (2013), New York (2013), San Francisco (2012), Montreal (2011), New Orleans(2010), and Philadelphia (2009).


Inaugural exhibition of Ethnographic Terminalia. Principal curator of the Ethnographic Terminalia exhibition at Crane Arts in Philadelphia. November, 2009.




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Mobile Agit-Kino: Iteration no. 1

Mobile Agit-Kino: Iteration no. 1 is a purpose-built mobile cinema; a large canvas expedition tent. The moving pictures in this iteration are not meant to agitate for revolution but to intimate unfamiliar and distant worlds. The mobile cinema plays on the ethnographer’s dream world as well as his and her role as cultural interpreter. It transmits images of the taiga: emanations of ficto-documents and implied histories.



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Siberia and demobilization

This is a web-based photo essay exploring some ideas on globalization in terms of my ethnographic research in remote Siberian villages.


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Corporation muck-cart

A comic-book experiment in cultural historical research.

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voyages and sights seen: communications from one point to another and the illustration of these travels, largely through the medium of the photographic image. The scenes depicted here include the Taiga forests of Siberia, Canada's boreal wastelands, cosmopolitan centres such as Edmonton and Krasnoiarsk, but also Paris, Moscow, St. Petersburg, London, Edinburgh, Vancouver, and Toronto. There are also some more remote sites, like Ekonda, Mitkoff Island, Eggmont, Francis Peninsula, and Cabbagetown.


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unnamed + faceless | body disembodied

This is an early experiment in a hypertext essay. This project touches on issues of surface and depth, the face, the head, and the effects of defacement and disembodiment. I was influenced by surrealism and a critique of the everyday.



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Gallery of posters, buttons, and other propaganda produced over the years.




moving pictures

Shaman's Journey: Nine Worlds


movie 2

Campbell, Craig. 2013. “Blackbox Intra-actions.” Installation in Intra-action: Multispecies becomings in the Anthropocene, an art exhibition for the Australian Animal Studies Group Conference 2013, University of Sydney, Australia. [link]

Campbell, Craig. 2013. “Taiga shooting.” Original work for The Post Card Exhibit. November 7, 2013. Intermedia Studio. Edmonton, AB. Link 1, Link 2]

Campbell, Craig. 2012. “Natural Subjects.” Installation work for Artless Photographs, an exhibition to be held in September and October 2012 in Cincinnati as part of the Fotofocus Biennial. Link1,

Campbell, Craig. 2009, “Mobile Agitational Cinema: Iteration no. 1.” Installation work for Ethnographic Terminalia 2009. Crane Arts, Philadelphia PA. December 2009.Link 1

Campbell, Craig. 2009. “Shaman’s Journey.” Produced three videos for the exhibition Siberian Shamans, Linden State Museum of Ethnology, Stuttgart, Germany (December 2008-June 2009). Link 1, Link 2