D. Howes – Oct.17

Sensations of Japan: A case study in sensory Anthropology

A public lecture by Dr. David Howes
Time: October 17, 2011 at Noon
Location: Student Activity Center 5.118

David Howes teaches anthropology at Concordia University, Montreal, and is the Director of the Concordia Sensoria Research Team. He has carried out field research in the cultural life of the senses in Melanesia, Argentina and the American Southwest. His latest book is called The Sixth Sense Reader (Berg, 2009)



Suggested Readings

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  • Sarah Pink and David Howes (2010), “The future of sensory anthropology/ the anthropology of the senses.” 18(3) Social Anthropology.
  • Tim Ingold and David Howes, “Worlds of sense vs. sensing the world” Social Anthropology. [link]